Wasteland Man: Fallout

After a heavy night of drinking, Wasteland Man leaves Vault 13 in search of water.

Let’s Play Dragon Age: Origins - A Land Down Under [Part 1]

You wont find men at work but you’ll find Dwarves.



I had planned on doing this with both Shepard’s (male and female) separately but found that I’d come up with an idea for one and when doing the idea for the other it was either too similar or not as good. 

So rather than give up, which I have a habit of doing, we’ll keep going with a slight change of plan. Instead of following both Shepard’s separately, let’s see what happens when two completely different Shepard’s get assigned the same job that was meant to be a position for only one person. 

See you next time.

Xenonauts: Bump in the Night

It finally happened, Earth has been invaded. Do you have what it takes to save big blue?

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Spatula Hat turned 6 today!

Spatula Hat turned 6 today!

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51 Plays

When you’re looking forward to that one thing you thought was in the fridge but you either already ate it or someone else did.

Final Fantasy 27 is out and we still haven’t got a remake of Final Fantasy 21! Ugh!

Final Fantasy 27 is out and we still haven’t got a remake of Final Fantasy 21! Ugh!


Welcome to Page 1 of Mass Effect: Parallel Shepards (or maybe Double Shepardy, still working on what I’ll call this)

First off, you may notice that there are two versions of this page. One with Female Shepard and the other with Male Shepard. (there’ll be a link to the other version below)

I thought it be fun to do this comic with both Shepards. Not in the one comic together but kind of parallel to each other. Of course for awhile each comic will be the same with just one Shepard switched out for the other but I’m hoping as we go along they will start to diverge as each Shepard makes different choices and starts to develop into their own character. Let’s see where this goes!

Spatula Hat.

Male Shepard Version

(had to split the image thanks to tumblr squishing the full version)